The concept of social media advertising has levelled the advertising ground for businesses of all sizes. Start-ups now have the ability to market themselves on social media just the way big corporations do.

The downside of this is that the platforms are now flooded with ads. They are so many that users often feel offended by and ignore them. For this reason, it is important to create a standout ad.

What Makes a Social Media Ad Stand Out?

There’s no single ingredient that makes an ad stand out. However, it has to be catchy and different from the norm. The aim of the advertiser is to make the ad go viral and get everyone talking about their site/product.

How, then, do you go about creating such an ad?

Keep it Short

People will not spend so much time on a single item on social media. An ad needs to be short enough to hold their attention to its end. Yet it needs to be long enough to deliver the intended message. To achieve this, an ad should not be longer than a minute.

Hop Onto What is Trending

Social media is always talking about current happenings. These could be events in sports, politics, film, etc. Grabbing a catchy trend and moulding a social media ad around it can pay off greatly. During the World Cup, for example, ads with an element of sport are very likely to get attention.

Use a Mix of Tools

Ads that use a single medium are boring. To make an ad catchy, a healthy mix of text, video, and audio is important. In recent times, animated images have proved to be very poor in social media advertising. Care should, however, be taken to avoid creating a bulky ad that takes ages to load.

Include a Call to Action

Every ad should end with cleverly calling the potential customer to act. Very many people often forget this seemingly obvious feature.