Digital marketing refers to business promotion that is done using digital tools and platforms. Many people use the term to refer to online marketing, but that is not accurate. Although a lot of digital marketing is done online, media like Radio and TV have been digitized too. This brings them into the fold of digital marketing platforms.

Here’s a look at the most effective of these platforms:

Social Media Marketing

There are numerous social media platforms and people spend an equally generous amount of time on them. Many people begin their day by checking their social media profiles and end it by doing the same.

As such, platforms like Twitter and Facebook have been highly effective in marketing. Through the use of cookies, some of these sites are able to collect user data and deliver more targeted ads.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) capitalizes on the use of engines like Bing and Google to market content to searchers. Marketers try to tailor their content to appear among the top results. Since search engines are the major go-to information resource, this kind of marketing works wonders when done right.

Content Marketing

The love people have for a good story makes digital content a fertile marketing tool. Creative writers are used by marketers to create content that appeals to readers. The readers are meant to find useful information in such articles and view the brand as the solution to their problems. Content often ends with a call to action.

Radio and TV Marketing

These good old tools have not gone out of operation. Digital radio and TV are still popular ways for marketers to sell their products. They pay for airtime during segments that draw their target audience. These two were traditionally considered to be big-boy advertising avenues. Their cost has reduced significantly, and their effectiveness remains pretty massive.